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•    Lombok is easily reached from Bali by air or sea. Sea crossings take less than 2 hours and flights from Bali are around 25 minutes.
International travellers can fly direct to Lombok, or make connecting flights via Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya and Jogjakarta. 


It’s easy to get to Lombok from Bali – flight time is only 25 minutes. Buy tickets direct from the airline counters at the domestic airports or from local travel agents in both Bali in Lombok.
Lombok Airport in Lombok currently handles international arrivals and has full Visa on Arrival facilities.
European connections are easy via Jakarta in Java. Direct flights from Jakarta to Lombok are available every day and are usually timed to connect with European flights.
Lombok is easily accessible from Jakarta, Bali, Jogyakarta and Surabaya and is an important connection for travel to the eastern islands, in particular Sumbawa, Komodo and Flores.


Fast boats provide the easiest and quickest transfers between Bali and Gili Trawangan, with a range of reliable boat operators now travelling direct to the Gili Islands.


As no cars, motorbikes or motorized transport is allowed on the islands, the main form of travel is by local horse cart, called a cidomo (pronounced chi-doh-moh).
These colorful carts can be seen trotting along the paths around the island and are easily chartered for short trips to restaurants and bars, or enjoy a scenic “around the island” tour.