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Gili Trawangan is located of just off the northwest coast of Lombok – an island of stunning natural beauty.
Lombok is an unspoilt alternative paradise island to Bali; only 25 minutes flight time from Bali, but a world away in terms of crowding and environment.

The Trawangan nestles amongst coconut trees on the southeast coast of Gill T (as it is called). The south coast is the most developed area on the island, with the main restaurant and bar area called “Central”.
The Trawangan is positioned to the south of the crowds, close enough to be within easy reach of Central and all it has to offer, but far enough away to experience the true peace and beauty of Gili T at its best.

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Getting here

•    Lombok is easily reached from Bali by air or sea. Sea crossings take less than 2 hours and flights from Bali are around 25 minutes.
International travellers can fly direct to Lombok, or make connecting flights via Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya and Jogjakarta. 


It’s easy to get to Lombok from Bali – flight time is only 25 minutes. Buy tickets direct from the airline counters at the domestic airports or from local travel agents in both Bali in Lombok.
Lombok Airport in Lombok currently handles international arrivals and has full Visa on Arrival facilities.
European connections are easy via Jakarta in Java. Direct flights from Jakarta to Lombok are available every day and are usually timed to connect with European flights.
Lombok is easily accessible from Jakarta, Bali, Jogyakarta and Surabaya and is an important connection for travel to the eastern islands, in particular Sumbawa, Komodo and Flores.


Fast boats provide the easiest and quickest transfers between Bali and Gili Trawangan, with a range of reliable boat operators now travelling direct to the Gili Islands.


As no cars, motorbikes or motorized transport is allowed on the islands, the main form of travel is by local horse cart, called a cidomo (pronounced chi-doh-moh).
These colorful carts can be seen trotting along the paths around the island and are easily chartered for short trips to restaurants and bars, or enjoy a scenic “around the island” tour.

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Laying just eight degrees south of the equator, Lombok’s climate is warm and tropical. Dry season is generally from May until October, with little rain during these months The Monsoon season lasts from around November through to April, although rain does not fall every day or even all day, when it does rain.
Gili Trawangan is generally drier than either Lombok or Bali, with hot sunny days almost all year round and fresh ocean breezes in the afternoons to cool things off. Temperatures range between 22ºC to 34º C, with an average temperature of around 28º C (83º F).

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Indonesian currency is rupiah, abbreviated to “Rp”. In 2010 the exchange rate is approximately US $1 = Rp 10 000, (subject to currency fluctuations). Travellers  Cheques are easily exchanged in Lombok, in the cities and tourism areas such as Senggigi. There are moneychangers in Senggigi and Mataram, and on Gili Trawangan. There are also ATM machines in Senggigi, Mataram and outside Hotel Vila Ombak on Gilli T. Credit cards are generally only accepted at larger restaurants, hotels and dive shops.
The Trawangan can take care of your money needs, with foreign exchange and credit card facilities.

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Lombok and the Gilis are home to the Sasak people, the native inhabitants of Lombok; although local society also includes Balinese, Chinese, Arabs and Indonesians from other islands. The Sasak people are predominantly Muslim. While the Balinese are Hindu, Catholics, Buddhists and other religions exist harmoniously together on the island.
Lombok has a rich indigenous culture, including its own local Sasak language, dance and music traditions. Of particular interest is the “Gendang Beleq” – very large drums which accompany the gamelan music found throughout Indonesia. With the mixture of ethnic peoples and religions in Lombok, there are nearly always festivals and celebrations on the island.

The Trawangan has been designed to give guests a true sense of peaceful living on a tropical island. Positioned only steps away from the white sand beach and crystal clear waters, you can experience the natural beauty of the island.
A few minutes’ walk along the beach will have you in the centre of the action, with restaurants, bars and dive shops all within easy reach. Enjoy the best of all Gili T has to offer!

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